Our goal is to provide a fun and affordable atmosphere where we can utilize the best comprehensive driver's education experience that will equip each student with the highest level of knowledge and skills to be a safe and alert driver. Driver's University wants to help alleviate the new driver's stress and anxiety of taking on such an important everyday task. With providing more students with the knowledge and opportunity to get their license it will empower them to be a more responsible and productive citizen within their community.

Driver's University was set up by a Maryland Certified Teacher who teaches High School Special Education. His vision was to establish a Driver's education school that would be affordable and available to all students regardless of their disability. Understanding ADD and ADHD and many other learning disabilities, has provided him with the ability to find what type of learning works best for each student. His unique ability to form strong teacher/student relationships in the classroom has helped him provide individualized learning opportunities that not many teachers can establish. This will carry over into his Driver's Education classroom seamlessly to allow the students to feel much more comfortable and less anxious when dealing with the prospect of driving on the busy roads. And all of his staff will be using his guiding principles when it comes to classroom and behind the wheel training.

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1. Developing a Relationship with Our Students:

Not only do we have the best instructors in the business but we also have instructors that care about students. We are understanding and are driven by our goal to create responsible drivers. Students will learn consistent driving techniques no matter which instructor they are scheduled with. Here at Driver's University we approach driving as a team that uses the same techniques and lessons to teach all of our students. We have top of the line vehicles that are equipped with instructor brakes to allow us to keep students safe and show them how to approach turns, stopping, and how to manage speed.

2. We Teach You (So no driving experience is necessary)

No driving experience at all? No problem at all. Many other schools in the industry expect you to have practiced driving before you go on the road with them. It's usually a minimum of 20 hours. That's terrible. You are paying us to teach you. Let us. It's our job to get you started behind the wheel. We will teach you the techniques that you will then be able to practice with your drive coach to prepare for your next drive time and your driving test.

3. We are a Team!

Being a new driving school we are working on creating a different experience for all of our students since the day we opened in 2020. Our belief is that to have a successful experience and to create responsible drivers is to approach the monumental task as a team. Between the instructor, the student, and the driving coach we will be able to collaboratively figure out what works and what doesn't work for the individual driver. Every instructor is trained to deliver lessons consistently to meet the targeted objective but is allowed to customize and personalize teaching to better serve individual students. So no matter whom the instructor or which location, you will receive the best that we have to offer and will have personalized instruction to better serve each student.

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