Car for Road Test

Package includes:
Use of our car for up to 2 hours. An instructor will accompany you from the office to the MVA or they will meet you at the MVA. YOU MUST email to check availability and secure a date and time for your rental.


Driver's University was set up by a Maryland Certified Teacher who teaches High School Special Education. His vision was to establish a Driver's education school that would be affordable and available to all students regardless of their disability. Understanding ADD and ADHD and many other learning disabilities, has provided him with the ability to find what type of learning works best for each student. His unique ability to form strong teacher/student relationships in the classroom has helped him provide individualized learning opportunities that not many teachers can establish. This will carry over into his Driver's Education classroom seamlessly to allow the students to feel much more comfortable and less anxious when dealing with the prospect of driving on the busy roads. And all of his staff will be using his guiding principles when it comes to classroom and behind the wheel training.

Student and Instructor
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